Deadly Six ZEENA
Aliases Cutie Zeti (by Victor)
Age 120
Status Alive
Goal Defeat Sonic and take over world, Kill Katie Sandow for helping Sonic and defeating her
Friends Victor Quartermaine (ex-boyfriend)
The Dazzlings
Lord Barkis Bittern
The Riddler (former partner)
Uka Uka
Enemies Katie Sandow
Sonic The Hedgehog
Austin Ryan
Likes/Interests Fashion

Nail art Spending time with herself

Dislikes/Hates Anyone who insults her nail art

Her looks being ruined

Debut Appearance Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Corpse Bride

Zeena the Zetiis the secondary antagonist of Katie Sandow's Adventures: Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit. she was Victor Quatermaine's ex-girlfriend.


"I'm just getting ready."

"Well, I'd say you've got the right girl for the job!"

"We promise you will be happy in our service."

" Victor, I have really break through my fashion and i really got a change to be stupid."

"The last time we met you ruined my nail art. Now I have to reapply a whole new coat."

You're going to pay for that... as soon as my nails dry. 

Relationships Edit

Victor Quartermaine Edit

Zeena & Victor had a strong connection and common interest on taking world dominations or revenges. Their common thing they like to do is destroy Katie Sandow. They often work together as team and enjoys it.

however, in Season 8, they presumed to be broken up because of how many times they failed, but still is available for any quests to kill Katie with powerful enemies.

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Emily Edit

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