E, W & G's Wands

Wallace and Gromit hold their wands to grant Katie's wish, instead of Emily's Wand appear with them.

The Wand is Emily, Wallace and Gromit's Main and Usual Weapon that they grant Katie's Wish in every episode. They also use there wands to help katie for her wish to make her happy and not boring. The Black Wands are unlike the normal wands and Wallace's Wand, but the Black wands are very dangerous and makes things horrible to destroy the World.

Personality of wandsEdit

Emily & Gromit's WandEdit

There Wands are very likely the same amount of intelligence, their wands are not dangerous like wallace's and things better.

Wallace's WandEdit

Wallace as Cosmo granting Katie's Wish

Wallace as Cosmo to Grant Katie's wish in Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: The Replace Family allie

Wallace's Wand is "Ok" but it somehow causes damages and make some perils on katie's wish, his first wish was the paint, instead he accidentally put up the giant chocolate snake. He said he was going to get this wand fixes but he didn't.

In "Pilot", his wand is not "Too" dangerous but occasional wishes, his wand makes it intelligent than Emily and Gromit's Wand but until in episode 2 to some seasons, he's wand goes crazy and makes his a lot more strange and weird. Even tho Wallace says he's gotta get his wand fix, he didn't reveal it yet.

List of Characters who owns their wandsEdit