I'm Sorry Zeena The Zeti, but i am for what i am. There's nothing more then the girl with her Stupid God Parents to destroy!
— Victor tells Zeena about his life
Victor Quartermaine
Age 30
God Relationship(s) Anti-Cosmo (God father) (formerly)
Status Alive
Friends Phillip The Dog
Zeena The Zeti (Ex-Girlfriend)
Lord Barkis Bittern
The Dazzlings
Mr. Carrigg (sometimes)
Paolo Valisari (formerly)
Lyle Van de Groot (formerly)
Emily (formerly)
Uka Uka (at times)
Enemies Katie Sandow (Arch-Nemesis)
Wallace (Arch-rival)
Lady Tottington (former crush)
Sonic The Hedgehog
Valerie Gray
all Katie's Allies and Team
Likes/Interests Money, tormenting his foes, Vicky and the dazzling's schemes
Dislikes/Hates Katie, Emily, Wallace, gromit, no money, his foes, vicky scaring him
Debut Appearance Pilot

Lord Victor Quartermaine (ヴィクター・クアルテルマイン) is Wallace's arch-rival and Philip's owner. He is the main antagonist of the show Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit series as well as the hidden, true, main antagonist of the final episode K,E,W&G: Katie's Last Stand. He is one of the secondary The Katie Sandow's Adventures Show.

He has no relationship to Katie, Wallace, Gromit and Emily. His girlfriend is Zeena The Zeti. He appears in most episodes (like the main characters.) His the current villain with Vicky, The Dazzlings, Zeena The Zeti and Lord Barkis Bittern and the character was originally going to be the main antagonist name The Killer. However, they did met each other when Emily revealed about the killer meets the other main villains.


He is very selfish and cruel. In the original episode, he is not very bright but mean. In the end, he was a little evil when Adagio Dazzle tells her to paint on Emily's new clothe until katie protected Emily from Victor's scheme. In later episodes, he became evil and he wants to be very famous and powerful.

In "The Katie Sandow's Adventures Movie", he was sneaky and determined and he still wants to be powerful and make money. He was a bit lonely which he doesn't care. When he met Paolo Valisari, he was being sarcastic and and pretending to be "nice", until when katie and Paolo got the part, Paolo betrays him and lies to him that he will NEVER give him money again, Which makes him angry and leaves when Paolo gives him a hanging wedgie.

In "History of God Friends", when he was 25, he lies to Katie's Parents and Victor acts like Vicky to torture and make her miserable, he becomes the KING and powerful and he is very evil back then but when the flashback was over, Emily revealed Victor gave up when Phillip Wager smacks Victor 100 times and Victor was not evil (in Pilot) and then he became evil when was going to paint Emily's clothes.

In " Victor's Revange" , Victor was bought back to life by Zeena The Zeti, Vicky and Lord Barkis Bittern. Victor's Shadow was controlled and tries to keep Katie away from his plans and uses his henchmen (also Victor's deceased giant spider) to try and kill Katie. Victor is very hard to find him where ever Katie tries to find him. Due to the fact of Victor's determine, Victor becomes powerful and intelligent when Katie knows his messages and facts. As the final boss to kill Katie, he turned into a gigantic Victor to squash or cut her, unfortunately, victor lost and was dazed.

In The Katie Sandow's Adventures Movie, he's the secondary antagonist (the main antagonist is Paolo Valisari.) His goal in the movie is to embarrass Katie int he Show Stage, collect money from Paolo and Kill Wallace apart to Emily & Gromit. He goes with Katie, Vicky, Wallace, Gromit, Emily, Lord Barkis and the Dazzlings. He doesn't care to go to italian for his graduation. All he cares is to destroy Katie and her god friends. Until when Katie begins to be friends Paolo, he quickly thinking that he can steal Paolo's money and kill Wallace (which is similar to his old goal.) and embarrass Katie in the stage (same thing on the top.) until in the end, His plan was foiled and he presumed to be bustard and give him a wedgie on the T.V. antenna. he also revealed that he didn't bring his god enemies along because they have there vacation.

Nicknames Edit

Your Lord Ship



Relationships Edit

Zeena The ZetiEdit

He use to fell in love with Zeena, until they both broke up until Victor (possibly) found another women, they still friends but sometimes they apparently go bad with their jealousy.

Lord Barkis BitternEdit

Victor likes Lord Barkis Bittern. they act like as best friends and they have some commons with their goal.


Victor pretty much dislikes emily. They begin to hate each other since in the episode Pilot when Adagio tells Victor to paint emily and when Victor was about to paint he, katie saved her and Emily begins to hate him.

Katie SandowEdit

Victor dislikes Katie. they refuse to be friends ever since Katie protects from Emily from Victor about to paint her and they still hate/dislike each other. in "Victor's Revange pt 2"

Wallace/The Were-Rabbit Edit

Victor's Arch-Rival, he doesn't like him at all because Wallace was cheating on Lady Tottington before then it was his shot again then Wallace and Emily decides to stop him.


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Sonic The Hedgehog Edit

Lady Tottington Edit

Suguru Kamoshida Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "Hehehe, for you my love!"
  • "Stand aside foolish girl, i'll hunt down the rabbit in no time!"
  • "Oh great, you're both out? And you're fused again? Why? Fusion is just a

cheap tactic to make weak Gems stronger. Quit embarrassing yourselves! I've seen what you really are."

  • "WHERE IS SHE?!"
  • "C'mere, brat! Aw, don't run off so soon."
  • "Phantom Theives?!"


Victor's form is different to compare with episodes that has different looks or outfits.

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  • He is the number one main antagonist.
  • He usually hangs out with Zeena in some episodes.