Vicky (similar)
Age 16 (season 1 & 2)

17 (season 3-8)

18 (Warped, The New Class)

19 (The Katie Sandow's Adventures Show)

Family Vicky's Parents (in the Pilot)
Status Alive
Goal Destroy Katie Sandow and become rich and powerful, world domination.
Friends Kwan
Lord Barkis Bittern
The Dazzlings (best friends)
Victor Quartermaine
Zeena The Zeti
Katie Sandow (Occasionally)
Uka Uka
Reverse Flash
Enemies Everyone (except friends and customers)
Likes/Interests Being powerful, torturing Katie Sandow and other kids, making money, Kwan
Dislikes/Hates being fired, Katie Sandow, her foes, Beets
Debut Appearance Pilot
Final Appearance The Lost Episode

Vicky is the tertiary antagonist in the series. She babysits Katie Sandow when her parents gone out and all she does is torture her or watch T.V., however in Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: Friendly Vicky, she tries to be friendly to katie when Katie "accidentally" saved her, be might be the pro-antagonist. She is the fourth antagonist in Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: Warped.


Katie SandowEdit

Her arch-nemisis. She dislikes her because Katie's little than her and she enjoys torturing her. However in some occasional differences; She be friends with her now and than when Katie saves her life, agrees with her and Katie or Vicky working with together.

Victor QuartermaineEdit

She and Victor's friendship are "okay" because they don't usually talk that much to gather but they did enjoy "loving" together until Vicky broke with him and there friendship was done. but until in Season 2, she befriends with him again because their relationship were evil and less nice to good guys.

The DazzlingsEdit

They are best friends. They are both girls and they love to torture Katie. Also, they love to go shopping and their relationship was really great. However, Vicky and The Dazzlings have very good plans to destroy Katie and have good intelligence.

Emily, Wallace and GromitEdit

They are also enemies. They work with Katie and Vicky dislikes their "niceness" to her and also enjoys beating them up (mostly Wallace). In Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: New Kid, She has them as their god friends and makes them miserable and devastates them too. In "Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit : Victor Revange part 2"

Sonic The HedgehogEdit

Vicky doesn't have any good qualities for Sonic and uses any chance she gets to demean or humiliate him, whether it's constantly reminding him for his heroic side with Katie and her friends. Vicky and Sonic actually never seen each other every occasions, but they do seen each other and have no good relations towards each other at all.

Quotes Edit

"Don't touch that! You clods don't know what you're doing!"