The Were-Rabbit
77984215 were rabbit
Vital statistics
Occupation Emily's friend, Victor's enemy
Family Unknown
Friends Emily, Gromit, Katie Sandow Lady Tottington
Likes/interests Emily, friends, vegetables
dislikes/hates "Bad, Victor, villians, evil"
Enemies Victor Quartermaine, Lord Barkis Bittern, The Dazzlings, Zeena The Zeti
Status Unknown
Age Unknown
God relationships
God Father Unknown
God Mother Unknown
God Pet Unknown
Physical Appearances
first appearance Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Corpse Bride
last appearance Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Corpse Bride

Were Rabbit is one of the supporting characters in Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Corpse Bride

Wallace's Were-Rabbit form

Realationship Edit

Emily Edit

Ever since he became the were-rabbit Emily pretty much giggles with Wallace's form and the Were-Rabbit likes Emily that she will not turn back on everyone. He cares for Emily including her and they can protect each other.

Katie Sandow Edit

The Were-Rabbit and Katie Sandow are friends, He also cares for Gromit and Emily that they will not kill him. Katie can be protective towards him (mostly Gromit) and he has no problem about Katie at all.

Gromit Edit

When Wallace transform into the were-rabbit, Gromit trys to find out where or who was the were-rabbit, but later in the chapters, Gromit notice it was Wallace all along, Gromit wants to help and protect The Were-Rabbit and saves The Were-Rabbit from Victor and The Dazzlings and he likes Gromit (like Wallace.)

Victor Quartermaine Edit

They are enemies; Fortunately, When Lady Tottington was a bit annoyed and stress from Victor taking that Golden Carrot trophy, The Were-Rabbit was beginning to get angry and saves Lady Tottington by banging Victor's hair. After that, the Were-Rabbit grabs Lady Tottington and even Emily and sees Victor climbing up and The Were-Rabbit stops him and the dazzlings. When Lady totting ton knows it was wallace and Victor reveals that it was Wallace as well and he wants to shoot him. After Victor sings Under Our Spell song along with The Dazzlings, Victor begins to shoot the Rabbit until Gromit saves The Were-Rabbit from destruction and victor groans and whines like a big baby, he notice something was going on with Gromit's plane and the were-rabbit saves Gromit and gets killed (or knocked out) and Victor laughs and they seen again (yet.)

The Dazzlings Edit

They are enemies, when The Were-Rabbit sees The Dazzlings, they put on a spell on people and the Were-Rabbit sees they need help, unfortunately, The Were-Rabbit has bigger issues by running away from Victor while Victor sings along with the Dazzlings.

Lady Tottington Edit

at the vegetable party contest, and when the were-rabbit begins to save Lady tottington and Emily away from Victor, He goes to Lady Tottington's vegetable garden area, The Were-rabbit reveals to lady tottington that the were-rabbit was wallace and a shocking lady tottington knows it was wallace. She feels bad for him and when victor got up there, she also protects the were-rabbit away from victor and they are friends.

Appearance Edit

The Were-Rabbit is a huge tan furry beast in the Curse of The Were-Rabbit movie, Wallace transform turn into were-rabbit

Were-Rabbit have long ears, huge teeth, pink nose, white tail, big feet and hands.

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