Remus Lupin
Remus Lupin.jpg
Occupation Katie Sandow's Magic Teacher
Friends Katie Sandow
Mr. Carrigg
Mr. Dig
Phillip Wager (possible)
Enemies Victor Quartermaine
Zeena The Zeti
The Dazzlings
Lord Barkis Bittern
Phillip The Dog
Likes/Interests Magic, making Katie happy
Dislikes/Hates Katie's loosing her mind

Remus Lupin is Katie Sandow's magic teacher about what magic is about for Emily, Wallace and Gromit. He is one of the rare protagonists in the show but he makes his appearances in some episodes. In Night time when there's a full moon he transform into a Werewolf and he may not remember his friends. He sometimes helps Katie from her problems towards her foes.

Relationships Edit

Katie SandowEdit

Remus Lupin likes Katie Sandow, they mostly get along since Katie has a magic study from Emily, Wallace and Gromit's magic wishes. Remus Lupin occasionally gives her an advise or help her from her foes to not make things not foiled and they do get along since in "The Katie Sandow's Adventures Movie".

Mr. CarriggEdit

They are friends, but sometimes when Mr. Carrigg gets a bit annoyed from Katie, Remus ttys to tell katie's not bad but Mr. Carrigg doesn't listen to him that much for his advise which makes remus a little bit moan.


They are friends, He helps Emily for her good wishes for any other God Childs (especially Katie Sandow), Emily also likes him and they get along like Katie and Remus also likes Emily's attitude and her intelligence but he apparently doesn't have a crush on Emily he already has a wife.


like Emily, Remus and Gromit are friends and he and gromit has no trouble from the magic studies but sometimes Remus doesn't understand Gromit but also sometimes understands with his "Charades".


Remus doesn't mind Wallace but sometimes he gets little annoyed from Wallace's obsessions of wishing or cheese, But they are friends. However, he does get shock or surprise from Wallace's Dangerous wishes every single time.

Sirius BlackEdit

He and Sirus Black are friends, they work together against Peter Pettigrew for his betraying and they hang out with their friendships.

Valerie GrayEdit

They don't actually talk to each other during when Valerie bullies Katie and he gets a bit serious towards her and they have their neutral ways.

Victor QuartermaineEdit

He dislikes Victor, they seen each other rarely and they never share their friendships because Katie has an archenemy of Victor and Remus tells Katie that maybe he's just a "stupefy".

Nymphadora TonksEdit

Deathlyhallows tonkslupin

Remus with his wife Tonks

Remus and Tonks are "Magic lovers", they sometimes work together to defeat Victor and some enemies. however, sometimes they fight when Remus calls her Nymphadora instead of Tonks but they sarcastically with themselves. In The Katie Sandow's Adventures Movie, they battle with Victor's crew and they succeed wight heir kiss. Unlike Valerie, he does get ignorance with her nagging witch they get some serious issues.

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