"Coach Kelly": "Let's Go! Let's Go! Hurry Up! Hurry Up! Keep it up you sissy people, you need to be strong for your tournament next month!"

(Girls doing monkey bars and Katie stops and glares at the screen)

"Katie Sandow" (Narrating): "Welcome to my nightmare. My school has weird prospectives on teachers, lunches and sports. My name is Katie Sandow, i'm 15 years old and, well... i'm not much of beyond person such as: not Jock, not Nerd or not athletic. I'm more of a None of "above average". (slips down and falls) Whoa!"

(after theme song, the bus drives in the high way. the scene was Katie sits alone fixing her project.)

Emily: "Hey Katie, how's your project coming up?"

Katie Sandow: Sup Emily, it's doing fine, just almost done.

  • (Narrating) This is my friend Emily, we met since I was stuck with a babysitter and helps me out.

Wallace: "No no no, that is not the correct way for the card game Gromit."

Gromit: (shakes his head)

Wallace: "Oh, like you never beaten me."

Emily: "Can you guys keep it down, please."

Katie Sandow (Narrating): "This is also Wallace & Gromit, they are good friends too, they were with Emily since I met them."

Wallace: "Sorry Emily, Gromit just trying to win the debt of the card i put down since i nearly won."

Gromit: (shakes his head, annoyed)

Emily: "Katie, Tell the brainiac to control himself"

Katie: "haha, he's fine Emily he and Gromit are having good time on the cheese gambling."

Emily: "If you say so anyways" (sits back down and so does katie)

(Katie, Emily and Wallace looks at the end of the bus seeing Kate Sanders, The Dazzlings and other popular girls laughing and excited, then Adagio and Kate looks at Katie giving her the baby face at her, Katie groans furiously and looks away)

Katie: "Why does The Dazzlings come to our school and Kate Sanders have to be so bloody inconsiderate about us, it's just a stupid bra!!"

Emily: "You gotta admit, Katie. Kate's bra is far more classy then other girls have."

Katie: "Whatever, i just want this stupid day to be over with, i need to be more average, cute and good looking."

Wallace: "Well, except some gum on your hair from Mrs. Sanders.."

Katie: "What!?" (Touches and feels it, and desperately moans)

(Emily and Wallace looks at each other and looks away)

Katie (narrating): "Today is going to be stressful, because the one thing that has to try not to be embarrassed is school picture day"