Christropher Carrigg
Occupation Media teacher
Age 65
Family His wife
Status ALive
Friends His Wife
Remus Lupin
Mr. Dig
Phillip Wager (possibly)
Katie Sandow (occasionally)
Fredo (Currently)
Victor Quartermaine (sometimes)
Vicky (at times)
Enemies Katie Sandow (Most of the times)
Fredo (formerly)
Victor Quartermaine
Likes/Interests Katie (formerly), katie's good grade
Dislikes/Hates Katie's bad grade

Mr. Carrigg is Katie's Media teacher. He is a recurring charcater in the wikiepedia. He is Katie Sandow's teacher and one of Katie's part on/off rival.


Katie Sandow = He likes her but sometimes he gets really annoyed with her.

Wallace = They are friends in the end of the episode when he found Fredo.

Victor Quartermaine = They are fine but they usually don't fight and are not enemies (yet).

Remus Lupin = He is Lupin's friend and they get along well.

Mr. Dig = He and Mr. Dig are friends and they get along more then other teachers (besides Remus Lupin)

Fredo = They use to be enemys when Fredo stealing Chris' bananas until in later episodes they are friends.