Mike Teavee
Age 9
Family Mr. Teavee (Father)
Friends Violet Beauregarde (girlfriend)
Enemies Katie Sandow Wallace Gromit Emily Willy Wonka
Likes/Interests TV, Video Games, Music Videos
Dislikes/Hates Chocolate bar

Mike Tevé es un uno el principal antagonista.

Realationship Edit

Violet Beauregarde Edit

He does like her attitude towards 3 other kids including Willy Wonka, they get along and they presume to work together.

Mr. Teavee Edit

Mike and Mr. Teavee have their neutral ways and Mike doesn't have that much nicer ways or that Mike isn't making any scene.

Willy Wonka Edit

He actually dislikes Willy Wonka because Willy tells he mumbles too much and wants to be better then him and calls him an idiot.

Gromit Edit

When Mike gets annoyed towards Willy Wonka, Katie was trying to help and Mike was going to the teleporter and Gromit was trying to stop him and Mike dislikes Gromit when he almost ruin his shirt.

Katie Sandow Edit

He has not interest towards Katie Sandow because he saw Violet was being mean at Katie for being a loser and don't actually talk.

Quotes Edit

"Back off, you little freaks!"

"Then why's the door so small?"

"I wanna pick a Room!"

"I wonder if Mr. Wonka has any video games?"

"No they don't, think's he and Mr. Wallace are geniuses but they are idiots, but i'm not!"

Gallery Edit