Lord Barkis
Lord barkis bittern 4647
Aliases Doctor Neferious Barkis
Age 50
Status Alive (formerly)

Living (currently)

Goal Kill Women for their money (series)
Kill Katie Sandow for the Crystal Skull (movie)
Help Victor and Uka Uka kill Katie & Austin (Warped)
Friends Victor Quartermaine, Zeena The Zeti, Vicky, The Dazzlings, Phillip The Dog, Irina Spalko, Uka Uka
Enemies Emily, Gromit, Wallace, Katie Sandow, Hutch, Coraline Jones, Austin Ryan
Likes/Interests being kill anyone, power, money, working with Irina Spalko, beating up Katie
Dislikes/Hates Kill any heroes but women, Katie and her friends, Emily, Army Ants

Lord Barkis Bittern is one of the main/major antagonists in the series. He is a very greedy and cruel man who wants to be rich and kill every women (besides Emily) for fortune. He is the Secondary antagonist in Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: Warped. His best friend is Victor Quartermaine. In Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: Katie Vs. Lord Barkis Bitten, He got out of jail and kills the mayor, when katie, Emily and Gromit spies on him, he was actually asleep and katie thinks villains never sleeps. He like Twilight. He revealed that he has minions and Wallace nearly kills Lord Barkis will a goo ball.

In Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: Katie Sandow and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull, he was the secondary antagonist in the film. He works with Irina Spalko and certainly beats up Katie whenever he wants and he is a lot stronger. But it reveals he is not that intelligent (says so when Katie reads the book,) he battles Katie for life and he got away. However, some time later, he meets Katie again with Wallace and Gromit and takes them to the campus of Nazi and along with Emily and Hutch. He drives irina and some soldiers to South America. He has a final battle with Katie and he was about to win but Katie grows aggressive, she knocks him out and then he screams of the army unstained drags him to the nest and then disappears and presume dies.

Realationship Edit

Emily Edit

After he killed her, They are dislikers, Emily nor Lord Barkis never cares each other with their hatreds and never (rarely) talk.

Wallace Edit

Lord barkis don't really cares about Wallace at all because Wallace is with Emily and he pretty much wanna kill him.

Victor Quartermaine Edit

He and Victor are close or best friends, they work together as a team mates but sometimes they fight because their plans has always fail.

Katie Sandow Edit

Like Zeena The Zeti, He hates Katie and have no good parts of them, katie tells Emily that Lord Barkis and her have one in common; Never like each other and Emily nods slightly.

Quotes Edit

  • "I haven't a head for dates. Apparently, I am a day early for the ceremony."
  • "That's it. We're going to take whatever money we can, and get out of here!"
  • "Ah Emily always the bridesmaid, Never the bride "
  • "Tell me, my dear.....can a heart still break once it's stopped beating? Hm?"
  • "Well said." [drinks potion]
  • "Well Vicky, if your so much better, why not destroy Mrs. Sandow!?"

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