Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: Show Fright
Show Fright
Season 1, Episode 6
Vital statistics
Air date 27/12/14
Written by Unknown
Directed by Katie Sandow
Katie's Wishes Get Vicky on the Real Stage/practice stage
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Katie, EMily, Wallace and Gromit: Show Fright is the sixth episode of the series. Vicky wants to be the actor from Katie Sandow, so Katie has an idea to get back at vicky what she did to her.


When Katie's parents are going pirate treasure hunt, they need Vicky to takes care of her and Vicky lies to Katie's parents. When they left Katie slides though the door with a chain saw to put Katie in a coma but Vicky said she needs Katie's help for her actress, Katie refuses then Katie finally said she'll let Katie do what she said for the day. Katie, might, accepts and then they do the part of the soldier attacks Vick's bull but fails. The next part is Katie and Vicky hugs with friendships, but Victor Quartermaine as Vicky's "Boyfriend" punches Katie for his jealousy but Katie finds this quite weird then Victor punches her again. The final part is Vicky gonna give Katie in a coma.

Meanwhile, Katie's parents were in a restaurant with a pirate suit on, they were in a "Tic Tac Yo Ho Ho", then the actor pirates were attacking Katie's parents for some treasure.

At the movie actors, Katie dresses as a director with Gromit, on a brown jacks and blonde wig, Katie said Vicky's a good actor, suddenly gromit burps and Vicky was curious that The Director's jack burped. Katie says yes and threats a question if she wants the part or not. Vicky does and The Director says she's so good, she doesn't need a script. Vicky agrees. Katie needs Emily and Wallace make things chaos on vicky. Katie says she likes making things and at vicky but she has gone too far. Katie wishes that Vicky has the part and Emily, Wallace and Gromit did so and the crocodile Director man says she perfect and takes her in. Meanwhile, Vicky was "Acting" (as runing away from the directors crocodiles.)

Meanwhile, Katie and her god friends were in the restaurant where Katie's parents go and Katie's Mom and Dad won a trophy, A Red car and a Million dollar reward.



Katie and Vicky talkingEdit

Katie (in a director disguise) = Ah! vicky, the perfect women, you are the best part of this show night!

(Gromit (inside the jacket) burps loudly and surprises Vicky and Katie.)

Vicky = Did your jacket just burped?

Katie = what if it did, do you want the part or not??!

Vicky (exited) = I do! I Do!!