She said Chocolate shake not chocolate snake!
— Emily to Wallace
Emily meets Wallace for the first time
Age 19
God Relationship(s) Katie Sandow (god daughter/friend)
Status Living/Active

Alive (formerly)

Friends Wallace (boyfriend or husband)
Katie Sandow
Mr. Dig
Remus Lupin
GLaDOS (sometimes)
Mr. Carrigg (sometimes)
Vicky (Temporary truce in Katie Twinsanity)
Victor Quartermaine (formerly)
Paolo Valisari (formerly)
Enemies Major:

The Dazzlings
Lord Barkis Bittern
Victor Quartermaine
Zeena The Zeti
Uka Uka (arch-enemy)

Professor Zoom
Evil Katie
Evil Morty

Likes/Interests Wallace, singing, dance, Katie, Gromit, Katie's Adventures, saving the day, Vicky being nice (apparently),
Dislikes/Hates being sad, Wallace granting dumb wishes, katie, Gromit or Wallace in danger, The Dazzlings' schemes, losing Katie, Uka Uka
Debut Appearance Pilot (K, E, W & G)
Final Appearance The Lost Episode (The Katie Sandow's Adventures Show) (TKSAS)

Emily is the deuteragonist in the series (Katie: Protagonist, Wallace: Tritagonist and Gromit: tertartagonist.) She is Katie's God mother friend and she help katie with Wallace and Gromit. her Debut episode is The Pilot.


Emily is shown to be a very beautiful woman. Like most of the other undead, Emily has blue skin. Her hair is also blue, upper back length, and tangled. It is unknown what her original hair color was (see note below). She wears a torn, dirtied, sleeveless wedding dress that used to belong to her mother and a

matching veil and gloves along with white high heel shoes. Her left arm and right leg are entirely skeletal. Part of her ribcage is visible under her right breast, presumably where she was fatally wounded. There is also a small hole on her left cheek where her skin has decomposed. She is originally a blonde, with rosy cheeks. Emily was considered extremely beautiful before her death, and even somewhat after. She is said to take after her mum in looks

In Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: The Replace family allies, she has pink hair, black pants and a yellow shirt. She also looks a human like and she doesn't have yellow hair instead of pink. When Veruca Salt made that wish, Jorgen prefer to call emily Wanda which is pretty furious for emily.

(Note: According to the official art book, Emily was going to have yellow hair before they changed it to blue.)


Emily is pretty much intelligent than Wallace, however in the first episode Pilot, she was a medium intelligent than Wallace nor Gromit. Ever since she's with Katie Sandow, she listens to her carefully and sometimes understands Katie's wishes. She does get worried from Katie's not good wishes but trusts her in the inside. Emily does get annoyed with Wallace's stupidity wishes but Wallace still normal but emily doesn't trust Wallace's dangerous wishes during to his wand was all broken and refuses to fix it. Emily sometimes does go sad when things are not according to her plan or having heartbroken.

In "Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: Emily's Best Friend", She was exited to have Katie as a BFF, but when Katie got freaked out from Emily's secrets (Get divorced Wallace occasionally in private, Wallace having tax problems and Gromit loosing his papers for plans (which it was from Wallace's counter)). Later in the episode, Emily was crying to miss having katie BFF's but just want to be close friends.



They like each other but sometimes they get in a argument when she or Wallace does something chaos or in danger, but she fells in love with him. They do get along in ever/almost episode.


Emily likes him, they get along always like Wallace and they both have the same intelligence.

Katie SandowEdit

Emily likes to get along with Katie and they both have the same with their personality with their adventures but they both sometimes don't the annoyance (unlike Wallace.)


They both don't compare to know each other, but she does hate Vicky like Victor and the other villains. however in Friendly Vicky, she somewhat likes her being nice until Vicky hates other people beside Katie, And in Katie: Twinsanity, they work to gather, but they both don't have to like it, which they barley talk to each other to defeat the Evil Twins.

Victor QuartermaineEdit

Unlike Wallace, but she finds victor quite annoying and mean, when she first saw him in the Pilot episode, he sees Victor has a nose milk at katie with her dorky sweater. few chapters later, Emily found Victor holding a a green paint and he was going to pain her, after Katie saved her from the paint madness, She begins to dislike Victor, later hates Victor.

Lord Barkis BitternEdit

She hates him in the movie Corpse Bride when he killed Emily in the firs place.

The DazzlingsEdit

Emily dislikes the dazzlings, in the episode "Katie, Emily, Wallace and Gromit: Katie's Adventure Begins." When She saw The dazzling kidnaps Wallace, she said she doesn't like them now when the dazzlings briefly works with Vicky and Emily got her revenge of capturing Wallace int he first place. So, she grows dislike them very likely.

Reverse FlashEdit

They have a awkward relationship, Emily and Reverse Flash has no taste of friendship and they simply enemies.

Uka UkaEdit

Emily's old and arch-enemy Uka Uka. They have met before and Emily hates his schemes and she locked him in the temple to protect the world from his evil schemes.

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Life Is A Runway

Shut Up ( I Love You)

Tears To Shed

Circus Monster (Emily and Wallace version)

What Can I Do For You?

Strong in the Real Way

Full Moon

It's Over Isn't it (song)

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